Amarillo Poco EazyMcQ is our stunning American Paint Horse Stallion. He is an APHA registered American Paint Horse.

He is colour tested TO/TO which means he is homozygous tobiano and will always breed colour even on solid mares.  He has been tested for the full 5 panel gentics tests and are N/N for HYPP, Gbed, Herda, PSSM1 and OWLS. He is out of fully imported, homozygous tobiano parents - A Painted Smart Olena x QT No Questions asked (who has the great QT Poco Streke as grandsire). He is classified as a Tovero on his APHA registration certificate after extensive colour testing.

He was foaled on 24/01/2013 and arrived at Uniquine Paint & Quart Horse Stud on 06/10/2013. He has an amazing calm temparament and seems to take everything in his stride, from mares having a moment to his awesome presence in the herd, to meeting the resident chickens, turkeys, potbelly pig and some sheep.

He will be shown at shows with American Paint Horse Southern Africa Association (APHSA)/APHA affiliated shows, RHSA and any joint shows they will be participating in. 

With 5 APHA registered foals on the ground he has proven himself to sire stunningly marked tobiano foals with great minds and temperaments. They are all easy to work with and very people friendly.

He has been gelded in October 2017. We have frozen semen from McQ for sale.

Amarillo Poco EazyMcQ's first foal is due in November 2015!

Amarillo Poco EazyMcQ at 18 months old on 02/08/2014

McQ at 1 yo. Look how the halos on his face are becoming more and more visible. 14/02/2014.


We received McQ's tests back confirming he is TO/TO, E/e and A/a. This means he carries both black and red genes and is heterozygous for agouti gene, so could sire both red and black foals. He is also homozygous tobiano which means he will always sire coloured foals! He is N/N for cream, Lethal White Overo, Sabino and Splashed White 1, 2, & 3. This means he cannot sire double dilutes (cremellos or perlinos) or Lethal White foals so he is safe to breed to overo mares. He also tested N/N for all 5 genetic panel diseases. He is going to be an outstanding breeding stallion from bloodlines, conformation, temperament and colour genetics!


McQ has been confirmed as tovero by APHA after genetic colour testing. We are awaiting the test results to see if he is homozygous as we suspect since both his parents are homozygous tobiano, with his dam carrying the splash white gene, which resulted in him being tovero.

The Tovero coat pattern has both Tobiano and Overo charateristics, with a preponderance of white.

With the widely varied colour patterns, which often includes the most appealing aspects of both tobiano and overo patterns, and their proven propensity to sire every Paint pattern known, toveros are genetic goldmines.Toveros appear, depending on their patterns to have the ability to consistently sire Paint colour at the rate of 80% or higher.

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