New AQHA approved class: Ranch Horse Pleasure

The class will have 3 - 5 suggested patterns. The performance of the horse should reflect the versatility, attitude and responsiveness of the horse. The horse's performance should simulate a horse riding outside the confines of an arena and that of a working ranch horse.The class should show the horse's ability to work at a forward, working speed while under the rider's control.
The primary consideration are the overall manners and responsiveness of the horse while performing the maneuver requirements and the horse's quality of movement.
Required movements include the walk. jog and lope in both directions, the extended jog and lope in at least one direction, stops and a turn to change directions.
Three of the following maneuvers must be included: side-pass, turns of 360degrees or more, change of lead (simple or flying), walk, jog or lope over a pole(s), or any other reasonable combination of maneuvers that a ranch horse would perform.
The maneuvers may be arranged in various combinations with the final approval by the judge.
The overall cadence and performance of gaits should be as those described in Rule 447(a), with an emphasis on forward movement, free-flowing and ground covering for all gaits.
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