Show clothes and colors

Show clothes, in color and design are more obvious than casual apparel. The judge will be watching from 50 - 100 m away and will only see color, silhouette and coordination of rider and horse. 

Consider this when you are showing - do you want to stand out or blend in the arena?

Black is always a safe bet, but remember at least 75% of your competition will also be wearing it. Make sure yours stand out.

Bright colors are more appropriate for youth riders, than for amateurs and professionals. Lighter colors emphasize, darker colors minimize.

Test your color choices by draping a large sample color over your horse, then stand across the arena to see the color impressions you will make on the judge and spectators.

The following colors are suggestions for your color horse:

Redheads: Chestnut, Sorrel, Liver Chestnut, Red Roan, Dun

These horses look best in soft earth tones like chocolate, caramel and sand.

Brunettes: Bay, Black, White, Gray, Blue Roan

These horses look best in bright colors like blue, red and purple.

Neutral group: Buckskin, Palomino, Grulla

These horses look best in choices from either the Redhead or Brunette groups, depending on the horse's exact color.

Black is the universal color and can look good on any horse.

Tip: If you ride horses in both color groups, consider blue / green shades, Teal, deep greens, sage and turquoise are flattering for almost any horse and rider.



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