"A REAL dressage test" - out of GHS Rider's Digest March/April 2012

A : Enter in working trot
X : Halt
G : Try to halt again
C : Freeze in horror at judge's ferocious glare. Salute hurriedly. Track left
H : Rustle of spectator's crisp packet
HXF : Extended bolt
F : Track right (just)
FAKE : working gallop right
E : Circle right 20 metres making a strange polyhedron shape
E : Freestyle pirouette. change rein
EKAFB : Counter canter, cross canter, camel canter
B : Medium bird shuffling in bush
BX : Working spook left
X : Freestyle piaffe
XK : Freestyle half pass ( backwards)
KEHCMBFA : Working trot (bouncing)
A : Veer right
ADXG : Extended walk
G : Halt. Attempted immobility. Trembling salute. Leave arena walk on a long rein muttering " you're for sale," under breath.

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