Our new Smokey Black filly!

We would like to welcome and present our new smokey black filly - CalVal Pardon My Dust
She joined Uniquine QH Stud on 17/12/2012. She is a very calm and gentle filly that takes everything in her stride from getting in the horsebox in Ladybrand, travelling 500 km to Pretoria to her new home, unloading, stretching her legs and being introduced to one of her new herd members, Delila, who would be stabled next to her. Quietly going into her new stable, eating, being groomed and let out the next morning to be introduced to the rest of the herd aka the big mares, Jubyleo and Georgia. She has an absolutely stunning temperament!
She is an awesome addition to our long term breeding program and we are looking forward to showing her and riding her when she is old enough.

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