Tiaan's Topgun and Uniquines Cactus Jack gelded

Tiaan's Topgun and Uniquines Cactus Jack was gelded on 06/07/2011. Topgun will now be further ridden and shown by our 16 year old daughter in dressage and western classes. Cactus Jack will start his ground work training now and will start showing in hand in western classes from end 2011.
Although Topgun has produced 2 very good quality foals in 2011 and still has 2 foals due for end August 2011 he has been gelded due to the fact that we have scaled down our stud to 4 rideable mares. These mares will each only be bred every second year and we will only start breeding again in 2012. For the next 2 years we are focusing on the training and showing of our mares and Topgun.
There are so many new imported American Quarter Horse stallions being brought into S.A. in 2011 and with the availablity of frozen semen from a variety of top performance horses in the USA becoming regularly available it is no longer viable to keep a stallion for such a small stud.
Uniquines Peacemaker is Topgun's last foal with our stud.

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